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Excellent job! I really like how it starts out like it was going to be an E rated newgrounds animation, then it goes fully insane a few seconds later!

I like the contrast of different lineart qualities for Morgana and Joker which shows subtlety what is going on in their head.
I can tell that Morgana is just all happy and dandy. As for Joker... he looks uncomfortable to say the least. Excellent job!

No background, but it is very good nontheless! It had smooth transitions and good jokes too too!

MyOcz responds:

thank you!

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The game is great!
Although, I do wish the loading was not a big problem... 😐

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I honestly don't know who the glowing character is in the last panel,
despite that everything in this comic is pure excellence!
All of the panels have their own feel that gives the consumer a variety of emotions.
This is very much so for that last panel. I want to find out who the glowing child is, I want to find out what happened to said child so I understand why Giyagas' Wife is feeling pure sadness!

As you can obviously tell, I love this comic!

I pretty much like everything about this!
I like the retro texture, kinda gives a 90s vibe.
The lineart is very stylish and expressive, allowing for the personality to show.
The colors are well chosen, contributing more to the 90s vibe.
The only complaint I have is that the skin color and the background feel too similar, making them "feel" blended together, despite the lineart that separates them.

I will be looking forward to more of your art! =D

I love the detail you put into your backgrounds (they actually look 3D)!
The different lineart look for the trainer gives some nice contrast to the background.
The animation also looks well done!
I would love to see more of your work in the future!

I am an artist and a programmer that likes to make dumb content to laugh at!

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